What we offer

As a team we have a wealth of experience, skills and knowedge to share with adults and children.

  • Consultancy – Visible Thinking can act as project managers, trainers and mentors to programmes of work. We are experienced at facilitating and managing interactions between artists/practitioners, practitioners/children, older/younger children. We focus on using transformative approaches to learning.
  • Training – We offer inspiring and active practitioner training, specialising in non-verbal storytelling, story square, creative writing, musicality of the child and approaches to documentation for children and adults.
  • Workshops and Residencies for children/young people – Workshops and Residencies for children/young people – We provide bespoke short and long term programmes to support children/young people to positively engage with learning.
  • Partnerships – We engage with other organisations and individuals to explore and develop creative approaches that innovate and inspire new ways of thinking.