A key aim for Visible Thinking is to create a bridge between the field of academic research and practice on the ground.

At present Visible Thinking are very excited by the appointment of Dr Susan Young, Researcher at Exeter University under their new programme of work, ‘A Place to Play Music’ funded by Youth Music which intends to explore the power of music within communities of social migration and develop a model of practice transferable to other communities across the country. This programme intends to support a strategic researchful hub based within the South West and linked to the national and international network of MERYC.

Previous high profile action research projects conducted by VT can be found in links below under the publication of a case study under the Primary National Strategies document on supporting boys’ achievement. Visible Thinking has also won the innovative learning journey award TACTYC 2008 for their exploration into musicality in early years children.

‘This is the missing piece of our whole approach to learning, the bit that clicks it all in.’ (Lead practitioner, Lydney)

Published Articles:

ReFocus Journal Issue 7;


Children as Documentors

Musicality of Children

Non-Verbal Storytelling

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