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Non-Verbal Storytelling


Over the past 4 years Visible Thinking have developed and pioneered a unique approach to storytelling, Non-verbal storytelling presents a narrative without using any recognisable verbal language; it shows a story rather than tells it. Long term residencies at two Bristol nurseries have been used to explore the impact of this approach on children’s learning, communication and well-being. Over a period of weekly sessions stories were presented and children’s responses observed and recorded. The results provided a remarkable insight into the children’s thinking within a non-verbal framework. Staff in both settings were astonished by the level of focus and engagement achieved by their children.

Reference:; Refocus journal Issue 7.

This pioneering approach can be seen on a DVD produced by Visible Thinking/Paul Gilbert is available on request.

‘The children involved have grown enormously in confidence’ Marilyn Davis, Deputy Head Rosemary Early Years Centre.