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Musicality of Children

Visible Thinking have been exploring the innate musicality of young children in a series of action research projects over the last six years. These projects, based in Bristol and beyond have yielded a wealth of fascinating insights into the ways in which children express themselves through music. Using a multi-arts approach, combining musical exploration with narrative and visual art, we have been able to observe and document the emergent musicality of individual children in great detail, coming to view it as a powerful tool for self expression and confidence building, particularly amongst those struggling to express themselves through the spoken word.

Following our programme, ‘A Place to Play Music’, Visible Thinking evidenced a real need to explore the setting up of a Music School in the heart of the St Judes Community and began a new programme called ‘Outside In’. With continued support from Youth Music, Visible Thinking carried out a 7 week pilot of the Creative Club. The club ran on Saturday afternoons and was open to all who arrived. This film illustrates the elements that led to an explosion of music making, tuition and performance with all the families who came through its doors.