dsc030701Visible Thinking is a Bristol-based company set up as a vehicle for carrying out research into innovative ways of engaging children in learning. Our mission is to work alongside educators to provide experiences that will allow children’s unique ways of thinking and learning to be exposed, developed and better understood.

Visible Thinking use the mediums of storytelling, performance, music, interactive play and documentation to create work which is inspiring, both for the children and the adults who work alongside them. Groundbreaking projects exploring non-verbal storytelling, children as documentors and new approaches to accessing children’s inherent musicality have been recognised for their excellence at a national level.

All our approaches aim to inspire and innovate how we see and hear the ‘voice’ of the child allowing ‘the child to be and the adult to see’.

Please see our film on research projects, Musicality of Children, that illustrates our most recent work in St Judes Community under the Creative Club and all the approaches we used to provide an explosion of music making by children and their families.